Our aim – to be Europe’s leading purchaser and manager of debt.

We believe that by putting the interests of our customers at the heart of our business, we can also best serve the interests of our clients, our own business and people, our shareholders and society at large.

We do this by ensuring our strategic priorities are firmly aligned to delivering against our aim. In October 2016, we updated our strategic thinking to reflect the size of the Group and the markets we operate in.

Our five strategic priorities are:

To be a leading player in our chosen markets:

We work with both primary financial institutions and leading credit funds to expand and grow our business.

To build a diversified risk weighted investment portfolio:

We are transforming our business by broadening our activities across different geographies, asset classes and businesses. By diversifying our activities and risk, we will deliver dependable financial results and pay regular dividends.

To transform the customer journey within our industry:

We want to meet our customers’ needs by offering fair and reliable solutions to help them repay their debts by delivering great customer outcomes.

To be the best operator in our markets:

We have made a number of acquisitions and continued to strengthen our loan portfolios through carefully considered purchases. Each of these deals highlights our desire to do business with the best operators, working with the best people, technology and data.

To attract and retain the best talent:

We attract and retain the most talented and committed people, who in turn win our customers’ trust through the service they provide.