Operational functions

It is at our  customer centres where we get to communicate with our customers. By discussing things and listening to them, we are able to gain a better understanding of how they found themselves in financial difficulty and their current situation. We are then able to provide solutions that will help them to repay their debt in a clear and affordable manner.

When people join our team, they often change the way they look at debt collection. For a variety of reasons a proportion of consumers will always fall behind on their repayments, the circumstances that drive such defaults are most often not the borrower’s making”. We’re here to empathise and help them find a way to repay their debt and gain access to mainstream affordable financial products once again.

Our Collections team retrieves debt managed by us and on behalf of our banking, finance, mail order and telecoms clients. There is a great team spirit, which is built on the back of first-class training and coaching to make sure colleagues are ready to provide great customer service.

We have approximately 125 collections associates in 12 teams across Glasgow and Farnborough, led by our Team Managers and Deputy Team Managers.

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