At Arrow, we’re dedicated to ensuring our staff achieve their full potential; our success depends upon it. Operating across Europe, we’re able to offer incredible opportunities for career growth and personal development. We’ll give you the opportunities and support to develop your career, it’s up to you how far you take it. We don’t set the limits, you do.


Role growth

Every member of staff is supported to achieve their potential. We’ve developed a career framework that maps out future roles, their responsibilities and requirements, making it simple for you to see how far you can go. We’re an entrepreneurial business that values enthusiasm and dedication. You’ll get opportunities, it’s up to you to take them.



Learning routes

To reflect the different ways we all learn, we have developed a training model that encompasses multiple opportunities for you to develop the skills you need. You will be expected to learn in three ways: by experience, from others and through formal training. Together, they will combine to give you an industry-leading insight into our business and ensure that you perform to your full potential and excel in your role.


Learning by experience. You’ll take on new tasks, learn about new markets and develop new skills that will improve you personally and professionally.

Learning from others. There is always someone on-hand to offer expert support and insight. You’ll receive regular 1-1s and development reviews where you’ll get honest advice on your performance. If you ever need assistance, ask – someone will always help you.

Formal learning. We’ll invest in your future by offering everyone opportunities for specialist training that are relevant to your role. Our Talent Development team specialise in designing tailored training packages that will inspire you.


Becoming the best

Innovation is in our DNA. It’s what keeps us at the forefront of our industry. To successfully build better financial futures, we need to challenge, learn and grow. It’s why as a business, we’re committed to supporting every member of staff, wherever they work and whatever they do, to become the best they can be.




Total reward approach

We recognise that employees want more than just a basic salary package, which is why we created our Total Rewards Approach. As well as a highly competitive salary, all employees receive additional benefits, including personalised opportunities for training and development, a variable reward for performance and health and wellbeing support. We succeed as a business and share in the benefits.