At Arrow, we have developed a unique culture and shared purpose that drives our success. Our determination to succeed is matched only by our integrity. As employees, our actions are guided by a shared set of values that ensure we always do the right things for our customers, clients and the company. We’re all individuals, but we pull together as One Arrow.




Our culture statement

Arrow is an ambitious company. Our determination to succeed is matched by our drive to do things the right way – ensuring we create a sustainable business that builds better financial futures for our stakeholders.

We are entrepreneurial, fast-paced and decisive. Proud of our family values, we cherish working together in a safe, supportive community. We trust our people to make the right decisions – and we back them all the way. We’re also brave enough to acknowledge mistakes – and to learn from them. We celebrate success and reward those who take personal accountability to help us achieve exceptional long-term results.

We’re open and eager to embrace new ways of working. Ours is a diverse community, enriched by our local identities, working collaboratively to build a powerful, unified and dynamic organisation. This collective identity is One Arrow.


Our strong values

Arrow is a global business with a local heart. Since 2005 the company has been guided by strong family values that prioritise openness and honesty over profit. We all play a role in creating a supporting and rewarding working environment where everyone can feel motivated, valued and inspired. Together, we create and maintain a safe and supportive environment for us all to connect, share ideas and work better together.


Act with integrity

We expect the people who work at Arrow to embody our culture, acting with integrity and doing the right thing, even when no one is looking. Our staff take ownership of what they do, inspiring others and delivering on our promises. It’s our employees who drive innovation, finding new ways to improve systems and processes. Together, we’re making Arrow more successful without compromising our principles.

We recognise that we don’t always get it right. When we get things wrong, we learn from them. Personal accountability is essential, but we succeed and fail as a business. We’re there for all of our staff, and will put right any wrongs together. 

Every day at Arrow should be inspirational, with every employee given a chance to learn, grow and develop. Everyone is given the chance to improve themselves and the business, with a strong focus on career progression.




Being true to yourself

Everyone should be able to be their true self, free from judgement or prejudice. Arrow is a diverse community, and we’re proud of that. Across the group, we don’t view diversity as a challenge, but as an opportunity. We believe our workforce should reflect the vibrant and varied communities that we represent.