Our Team Managers motivate, develop and inspire our collections teams to deliver good customer experiences.  They coach our associates, so they can talk to customers, gathering the right information and tailoring solutions to meet their individual circumstances and help them become debt free as soon as possible.


Our Team Managers bring out the best in our teams by helping everyone to develop their skills and progress. They achieve this through call monitoring, account audits, regular 121’s, team huddles, buzz sessions, team briefings and keeping our knowledge bank up-to-date. They make sure our teams can deal with calls from customers, solicitors and third parties, covering everything from insolvency and litigation to motor finance and unpaid loans.

Types of role

As well as Team Managers, we also have Deputy Team Managers, who develop our teams through call monitoring, account auditing coaching and feedback.

What do we look for?

We need high performers and great listeners with a flexible approach and the ability to coach and negotiate the best outcomes for everyone involved. Some experience of financial services and personal budgeting would be ideal, as you’ll need to explain everything from personal guarantees and repayments for hire purchases to unsecured personal student loans.

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